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Can you guess who we are talking to? 


1. Where do you spend most of your time on set?
-  Usually sitting on an applebox.

2. Who is your biggest arch nemesis on set and why?
- I try to get along with everyone on set.

3. A mistake you made when you were completely green in your dept?
- Leaving equipment behind by accident. Driver wasnt happy. He had to go back and pick it up.
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Liftgate University

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“The Most Horrendous Thing I’ve Seen On Set”

By A.J @ The Hills are Burning


I’ve never been a fan of horror/slasher films, but I’ve worked on quite a few of them. Despite the pools of fake blood, dark lighting, and body parts everywhere, the set of a horror film isn’t nearly as scary as what you see in the movie theater.

There are some exceptions, however.

Late last year, I was day-playing on a feature being shot in some old house east of downtown LA. The house itself was kind of creepy/cool looking and judging by the trails of “blood” on the floor, chains on the walls and weapons table in the corner, I quickly deducted that I was spending the day on a horror film. “Hm…,” I thought to myself, “This should be awesome.”


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By DollyGrippery


  One thing about the film business, it’s filled with traditions. It even has it’s own language and a couple of books havebeen written defining several terms of that language. One, by my friend, camera operator Dave Knox can be found  here. There’s another one written by Tony Bill you can find here. I like the old traditions, some of which, like the process of shooting on film itself,* seem to be dying out. It’s a shame. They help keep it interesting. They connect us to our filmmaking predecessors in a unique way. Here are some I like.


For the uninitiated:The Champagne Roll- It’s simply the hundredth roll of film you shoot on a show, and marks a hundred thousand feet of film shot. Traditionally, glasses of champagne are handed out to the crew on this roll. This is one of the one’s that will inevitably die out.

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